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Rollerskating Sydney lessons
Do you own ALL of your own equipment (wrist, knee, elbow pads, helmet & skates)?

Get an introductory lesson via ZOOM
*You must have a parent / legal guardian present during the lesson Parent must be physically present during the lesson. Helmets wearing is compulsory for all participants, instructors and anyone on wheels near the lesson participants.


As of 16 June 2021 we're in a hibernation mode for the winter months with limited availability for lessons (only via ZOOM) until 12 July 2021 and then we are on a break completely with no lessons until late-August 2021


During the Summer months - If you do not have your own skates we can provide rollerskates for adults (& inline skates / rollerblades for kids) for the weekend lessons ONLY if you provide EURO sizing information. Naturally we encourage you to bring your own skates (send a photo of the skates). ALL participants agree to wear helmets when undertaking our lessons.


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